“SUMÖ ROAD – THE MUSICAL” | Hawai‘i Premiere | Japan | Japanese w/English subtitles | 25 min.

Written and directed by Ken Ochiai.

Kure, an overweight exchange student from Taiwan, has a hard time fitting in at his Japanese university. Bullied because of his weight, he decides to join the sumö team, where he is welcomed with open arms. But Kure’s spot on the team is jeopardized when he is caught trying to cheat. To regain his place on the team and redeem his name, he must face off against his mentor and the team leader. Along the way, Kure discovers what it truly means to be a sumotori and to embrace the sumö road, ultimately finding a place where he truly belongs.

Screenings:  Nov. 6, 7:45 p.m. (Plays with Careful What You Pack Shorts “No Touching,” “The Man Who Caught a Mermaid,” “Snake Bite,” “Hand Job” and “Shop of Eternal Life.”)


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