Karleen C. Chinen

A massive undertaking like this two-issue Hawai‘i Herald 35th anniversary edition doesn’t just happen because we say we want to do it. Pulling together all of the components even after the former writers and editors had made their story selections was a mighty challenge without a real index of the over 800 issues the Herald has published over the past 35 years. Oftentimes, it was like searching for a teeny-weeny needle in a giant haystack. For the past month, probably longer, the bound volumes of published Heralds have been stacked on the table in front of my desk. Managing editor Gwen Battad Ishikawa and I have combed through these volumes more times than we want to remember. Our jubilation at finding a story often gave way to despair again when we couldn’t find the accompanying photos in our archives. Thank goodness that Gwen is so proficient at taking photos of already published photos straight out of the printed copy with her handy smartphone. The quality is much better than we thought it would be.

We are sending this issue to press on a Wednesday night so that you can get your paper on Friday. It’s almost insane that it takes so long and so much effort to put the issue together, but once it’s on our JetLeader press, it’s pau in a few minutes.

We know, all of us — Gwen, advertising manager Grant “Sandaa” Murata and I — know that this commemorative 35th edition, spread out over two issues, would not have been possible without the advertising support of our advertisers — businesses, nonprofit organizations — big and small — even individuals. Size matters, yes, and yet, in many ways, it doesn’t. What each ad in these two issues reinforces is our sense of community. Okagesama de

. . . thanks to you . . . we were able to feature a broad selection of stories by 24 former Hawai‘i Herald staff writers and editors. From deep in our hearts, thank you . . .

Afuso Ryu Gensei Kai and Choichi Kai
Ryukyu Sokyoku Arakawa Yasuko Aki no Kai
Ala Hawaii Kitchen
Aloha Tofu
Central Pacific Bank
Deigo Club
Dodo Mortuary, Inc. & Crematory
EM Hawai‘i
Ethel’s Grill
442nd Veterans Club
Honolulu City Councilmember Carol Fukunaga
Hanayagi Dancing Academy
Hanayagi Mitsusumi
Hawaii Fukuoka Kenjin Kai
Hawaii United Okinawa Association
Honolulu Fukushima Kenjin Kai
Honolulu Hiroshima Kenjin Kai
Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce
Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Hooge Ryu Hana Nuuzi no Kai — Nakasone Dance Academy
Hosoi Garden Mortuary Inc. / Hosoi Life Plan Inc.
Island Insurance Companies
Izumo Taishakyo Mission of Hawaii
Japanese American National Museum
Japan-America Society of Hawaii
Japanese Women’s Society Foundation
JBL Hawaii, Ltd.
Jimpu Kai USA Kin Ryosho Ryukyu Geino
Kenkyusho, Hawaii Shibu
KTA Super Stores
Karate Do Shorin Ryu Hawaii Seibukan
Barbara Kawakami and Family
Honolulu City Councilmember Ann Kobayashi
Kuba Hawaii Homes
Larry’s Bakery
Military Intelligence Service Veterans Club
Mr. Ojisan
Naka’s Travel Service
100th Infantry Battalion Veterans
State Representative Marcus Oshiro
Rainbow Drive In
Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko
Ryusei Honryu Ryuko Kai
Sanshin Kichi Guys
Shimaya Shoten
Shingonshu Hawaii
Shinnyo-En Hawaii
Somei Taiko
Soto Mission of Hawaii
Taiko Center of the Pacific
Tamagusuku Ryu Senju Kai
State Senator Brian Taniguchi
TEMARI Center for Asian & Pacific Arts
Toma Enterprises
Trans Pacific Tours / Pacific Money Exchange
United Japanese Society of Hawaii
Utage Restaurant
Paul Yempuku


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