Editor’s note: The following was sent to the Herald as a letter to the editor by Kailua-Kona resident Carol Zakahi in response to contributing writer Gail Honda’s Jan. 1, 2016, essay on the “Legacy of the Sansei.”

I am writing to you in regards to an article by Gail Honda (in the Herald’s). Her title, “What is the Legacy of the Sansei,” prompted me to write to you.

I am a sansei and I have often thought that this generation was the “bridge” that would have made the world understand the history behind them and the future ahead of them. And, like Gail mentioned in her article, “may not have much time left to leave a legacy.”

My lifespan has covered the simple lifestyle of growing up with the bare necessities of living on the coffee land with my issei grandmother, nisei parents, us sansei kids and even with a disabled nisei aunt.

Living with nine people under one roof, we learned to respect each other. Life was simple and it gave me a fairy tale mentality in which one grows up, gets some education, gets married, have a house, some kids, an automobile and one fishpond.

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