Sometimes, things get so easy and convenient that we don’t even recognize them . . . until there’s a hiccup, and all of a sudden, you’re asking, “Waah! What happened to my Hawai‘i Herald?!

Beginning with our Feb. 5 edition, the Herald switched to a doorstep delivery system operated by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Unless you live on the continental United States or in a foreign country — or in a very remote location on the neighbor islands — YOUR HAWAI‘I HERALD IS NOW BEING DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP ON THE MORNING OF THE FIRST AND THIRD FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH BY STAR-ADVERTISER CARRIERS.

We announced the coming change in our January issues and highlighted them in our February issues, as well, but you may have been distracted by the stories in the edition. We thank everyone for their patience as we continue to work out the bugs with the Star-Advertiser’s circulation and distribution departments through this transition period.

An important reminder: If you do not receive your Hawai‘i Herald in the morning on the first and third Friday, please call the Star-Advertiser immediately at 538-6397 (for all islands) so they can send a courier out to deliver your Herald that day.

You can also call the Hawai‘i Herald/Hawaii Hochi office at (808) 845-2255. The office opens at 8 a.m.; if you call before 8 a.m., please leave a message on the company voicemail. If you call either the Star-Advertiser or the Hochi office between 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., your missing paper should be delivered the next day.

If you call the Star-Advertiser by 9 a.m. to report your missing paper, it will be delivered to you that same day. Remember: The sooner you report your non-delivery, the sooner your missing paper can be delivered.

If you have any concerns about this new process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email herald and we will address your concerns and find a way to rectify the situation.

You can also email the Star-Advertiser directly at Please also cc us on that email so that we can follow-up with the Star-Advertiser.

If you are going on vacation and would like to have the Hawai‘i Heralds sent to you when you return, please email with a cc to Karleen Chinen ( Type VACATION HOLD – DELIVER BACK COPIES in the subject line. Include your name, address, city, state and zip code and the dates you will be away so that your Heralds can be delivered when you return. Credit will not be given if you choose not to receive the back copies.

Mahalo nui loa for your patience and for continuing to subscribe to The Hawai‘i Herald!


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