Hui O Laulima, a nonprofit women’s organization and a member-club of the Hawaii United Okinawa Association, has awarded $5,000 in cultural grants to seven individuals and organizations that promote and perpetuate Okinawan culture in Hawai‘i. Each awardee was required to demonstrate the potential to promote and expand the influence of Okinawa culture. Grants were awarded to:

Hui Okinawa Kobudo Taiko (Hilo) to help fund the group’s participation in the 34th Okinawan Festival this Labor Day weekend on O‘ahu;

Kin Ryosho Performing Arts Academy of Ryukyus (Hilo) to help fund Jimpu Kai instructor Corey Zukeran’s travel to Hilo to teach the group and expand the students’ knowledge and technical skills in Okinawan dance;

Maui Okinawa Kenjin Kai Odori to fund Cheryl Nakasone-Sensei’s airfare to Maui for monthly classes;

Maui Okinawa Sanshin to fund Keith Nakaganeku-Sensei’s airfare for monthly classes;

Misako Yagi to travel to Okinawa to participate in the Yui Buyo (Okinawan folk dance) special leadership class to become a certified teacher; and

Mitsuko Toguchi Nakasone of the Ryusei Honryu Ryuko Kai to help defray expenses for a July 9, 2016, concert.


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