Strike up the band! The Hawai‘i Herald’s second annual Kaua‘i Issue is a reality — and now history. Thanks to a discount fare on Hawaiian Airlines, we were able to send Herald managing editor Gwen Battad Ishikawa to Kaua‘i for a day to interview several Kaua‘i treasures.

If you recall, last year we added the Garden Island to the Herald’s schedule of special issues with the promise that it was only the first of what would become annual Kaua‘i editions. Of course, throughout the year, we hope to bring you additional stories from Kaua‘i as long as we can find the freelance writers to pursue these stories. Step by small step, we are working to fulfill our commitment to our readers on Kaua‘i. We know that there are many interesting stories on Kaua‘i and we remain committed to telling them, in spite of the economic challenges always front and center for the Herald. We’ll keep seeking out ways to make this work — and I encourage you to write or email me your story ideas at I can’t promise we’ll get to all of them, but I’ll definitely consider them. And, if you know of a business that’s interested in selling the Herald on a retail basis, or have friends who want to subscribe to the Herald, please contact our advertising and promotions manager, Grant Murata, at (808) 845-2255 or

This second annual Kaua‘i Issue was made possible thanks to the generous support of the following businesses and individuals. We hope you will support them.

Bill Fernandez
Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island
Ishihara Market, Ltd.
Kauai Japanese Cultural Society
Kauai Kookie
Kaua‘i Soto Zen Temple
State Rep. Derek Kawakami
State Sen. Ron Kouchi
Lihue Fishing Supply
Mark’s Place/Contemporary Flavors Catering
Plaza Hair/Linda Oshima
Waipouli Deli & Restaurant
Kaua‘i County Councilmember JoAnn Yukimura


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