WHO/WHAT: Gary Kubota, a local journalist, playwright and artistic director, will stage his touring one-man play, “The Legend of Ko‘olau,” as part of Maui’s “The Celebration of the Arts.”
Kubota’s play is based on a true historic story about a cowboy named Ko‘olau who fought a rebel militia that had overthrown the Hawaiian monarchy and wanted to enforce leprosy laws that would have forced Ko‘olau and his son to the leper settlement at Kalaupapa on Moloka‘i. The play is about love and survival — love and devotion to family and the fight for their survival, despite the decimation of their Polynesian race.

WHEN/WHERE: Friday, May 8, at 7:30 p.m. at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua.

COST: Tickets are $25.75 for adults and $15.45 for children ages 5-12. Children ages 4 and under are free. Call (808) 665-7089. For more information about the play, visit


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