After nearly 60 years of one-party rule in Hawai‘i, today we have the highest cost of living in the nation, most families have to work two jobs to make ends meet and homelessness is spiraling out of control. We can lower our crushing cost of living, create better jobs, reduce homelessness and ensure that our children receive a world-class education. However, we need someone who can work with Democrats and the Republican majority in Congress to be the outspoken and independent advocate Hawai‘i needs.

We have just a few short days until the General Election. Just days to create a better future for Hawai‘i — a future where our children’s potential is measured by the size of their dreams, not by the debt and uncertainty we leave them; a future where our economy is thriving; young people can afford to buy a home; and our families don’t face the constant worry of whether they can afford groceries and gasoline.

I believe to my core that a better future for Hawai‘i and America is within reach. Please join me as we fight for the future we deserve. — Charles


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