NAGOYA — The Nagoya District Court has turned down a suit for damages filed by a 72-year-old man who argued that public broadcaster NHK caused him emotional distress by using too many foreign words in its programs.

Presiding Judge Kiyofumi Saito rejected the 1.41 million yen (around $13,800) damages suit against NHK, officially known as Japan Broadcasting Corp.

The suit was filed by Hoji Takahashi of Kani City in Gifu Prefecture. He leads a group called Nihongo wo Taisetsunisuru-kai, which roughly translates as “society that appreciates the Japanese language.”

In his ruling, Saito said that NHK’s use of foreign words could not be viewed as violating Takahashi’s personal rights.

During the trial, Takahashi claimed that NHK used too many foreign words, such as risuku (risk) and korabo (collaboration) in its programs.

Saito said while some viewers may be distressed by NHK’s use of foreign words, the broadcaster’s editorial freedom must not be restricted.

Takahashi said he plans to continue requesting that local governments and media organizations refrain from using foreign words.




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