The Japanese Cultural Society of Maui presented $1,000 scholarships to recent Maui high school graduates Christie Kimura and Kristen Kagoshima.

Christie Kimura, daughter of Glenn and Kyoko Kimura, graduated from Seabury Hall. She plans to major in political science and environmental studies at Waseda University in Tökyö. Kimura has studied tea ceremony and Japanese language, which she also tutored. She hopes to further her knowledge of Japan, its culture, economic growth and sustainability while studying at Waseda.

Kristen Kagoshima, a Maui High School graduate, is the daughter of Joel and Cindy Kagoshima. She plans to major in psychology at Oregon State University. Kagoshima is a longtime member, teacher and songwriter for Maui Taiko and was a member of the Japanese Club at Maui High School. She hopes to study in Japan in the future to increase her understanding of Japanese culture.

The JCS Maui Scholarship is awarded annually. Selection criteria include the student’s interest in perpetuating Japanese culture, how their education will assist in perpetuating Japanese culture, and their present and past involvement in Japanese organizations, as well as academics and community service participation.

Donations for the scholarship can be sent to the Japanese Cultural Society of Maui and mailed to P.O. Box 5090, Kahului, HI 96733.


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