Izumo Taishakyo Mission of Hawaii is welcoming interested participants to join Bishop Daiya Amano and shrine members on a special tour to the Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine in Shimane, Japan, from Oct. 14 to 21. Although the month of October is considered an “off season” month, or kannazuki, for shrine visits in Japan, it is the one month of the year when the gods are said to gather exclusively at Izumo Taisha’s Grand Shrine (kamiarizuki), attracting throngs of visitors seeking blessings at the popular shrine.

In addition to visiting the Grand Shrine for a “Big Blessing” and meeting with top priests, the tour will include VIP tours of Izumo City and neighboring Matsue City, as well as a visit to Kyöto. Other highlights include onsen (hot spring) trips, soba noodle making and pear picking. Special meals featuring Shimane seafood delicacies are planned, as well.

One week before the tour, the eldest son of the chief priest of Izumo Taisha, Kunimaro Senge, will marry Princess Noriko, second daughter of the late Prince Takamado and Princess Hisako of Japan’s imperial family.

For tour details, call Izumo Taishakyo Mission of Hawaii at 538-7778 or email izumotaisha@hawaii.rr.com. Aug. 11 is the deadline for registering.



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