Photo Courtesy: Department of Education

‘Ewa Makai Middle School principal Edward Oshiro was presented the 10th annual Masayuki Tokioka Excellence in School Leadership Award at the Public Schools of Hawai‘i Foundation Dinner on May 1. The award was established by the Island Insurance Foundation. Oshiro received a $10,000 personal cash award and an additional $15,000 for a school project of his or her choice. Two semifinalists — Wade Araki of Kaimukï High School, and Ernest Muh of Helemano Elementary School — each received a $2,000 personal cash award.

Oshiro, who spearheaded the opening of ‘Ewa Makai Middle School in 2010, has been a DOE principal for nearly 20 years. He plans to use his award to create a parent/family/community center to serve as a hub for training, work opportunities, volunteer work and homework assistance. The award would fund a part-time teacher or community position to help him with the center.

Oshiro, Araki and Muh were among 13 principals nominated for the award, which is named in honor of Masayuki Tokioka, founder of Island Insurance Company, Ltd. Each nominee received a plaque and a $1,000 personal cash award at the March 29 ceremony at the Island Insurance Center.

Besides Oshiro, Araki and Muh, the other 10 qualifying public school principals were: Duwayne Abe, Salt Lake Elementary School; Laura Ahn, Kalihi Uka Elementary School; Chad Keone-Farias, Kea‘au Elementary School (Kea‘au, Hawai‘i); Daniel Hamada, Kapa‘a High School (Kapa‘a, Kaua‘i); Doreen Higa, Momilani Elementary School; Matthew Ho, Lä‘ie Elementary School; Robyn Honda, Makawao Elementary School (Makawao, Maui); Kris Cosa-Correia, Waikoloa Elementary & Middle School (Waikoloa, Hawai‘i); Pua‘ala McElhaney, Enchanted Lakes Elementary School; and Joe Yamamoto, Maunaloa Elementary School (Maunaloa, Moloka‘i).

“My grandfather, Masayuki Tokioka, believed that education, integrity and hard work were the keys to success,” said Island Insurance Foundation president Tyler Tokioka.

“In order to be a strong leader in today’s educational environment, public school principals must be dedicated, creative, community-minded and have an entrepreneurial spirit — all qualities my grandfather possessed,” he added.



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