Rainbow Warriors/Wahine fans rejoice!

After much debate, UH athletic director Ben Jay has decided to retain the name “Rainbows” in referring to the UH sports teams. At the center of the group rallying to keep the name was Steven Chinen, who was featured in the Herald’s May 3 issue. His book, “Where I Live There Are Rainbows” was published in the Herald in its entirety. It explains Chinen’s fascination with rainbows and talks briefly about the history and significance of rainbows in Hawaii, including the origin of the name in UH sports.



  1. Don’t wish to “rainbow” on Ben Jay’s parade, but my own feeling is we should’ve gone back to the original name of just “Rainbows”! I’m speaking here as a life-long resident of Hawaii and a graduate with 3 degrees from UH-Manoa (BA, MA, PhD) as well as a retired faculty member from UH-Hilo.


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