The new issue of the Hawaii Herald, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Hiroshima-Honolulu sister-city relationship, is in stores now.

Vol. 30, No. 14 July 24, 2009

Herald online editor and staff writer accompanied the Hawaii Island Movers baseball team and the Team Honolulu softball all-stars to Hiroshima, in what was a cultural and athletic exchange . . .

Peace Park flowers

You will also read about how Hawaii celebrated the momentous occasion and about Emperor Akihito’s recent visit.

Also, this is award-winning columnist Cedric Yamanaka’s list issue, so be sure to read his farewell!

The Herald is available at Borders Books and Music in Kaneohe, Waikele Center and Victoria Ward Center; Best Sellers in downtown Honolulu; Shirokiya; the Kahala, Kaimuki, McCully, Waimalu and Waipahu Times Super Markets; and the Hawaii Hochi Office building located at:

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We can also be reached by phone at 808-845-2255.


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