This week’s Friday Feature is a talented young man named Matt Heafy. At 22 years of age, Heafy has already reached a high level of stardom as the frontman for the heavy metal band Trivium. After moving from Japan to America, Heafy was discovered at a middle school talent school by the then-vocalist for Trivium. Heafy was asked to join the band and eventually took over lead singing, songwriting and guitar duties.

The band has since released three studio albums, Ember to Inferno (2003), Ascendancy (2005) and The Crusade (2006), which has resulted in a strong following in Europe. Most recently, they toured Europe with metal-icons Iron Maiden and Metallica and are set to release their next album, Shogun, sometime this year.

Here’s Heafy shredding on his guitar:


And here’s the video for the group’s single Anthem (We Are the Fire), which reached number 1 on the UK Rock singles chart:



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