This week’s Friday Feature is Kevin Okimoto, former guitarist and singer of the popular local band the Opihi Pickers. Okimoto joined the band in 1999 before their sophomore album Beginnings. With Okimoto on board, the Opihi Pickers became Island favorites with songs like “Old Fashioned Touch,” “Victim” and “Beautiful Ladies.” The band, however, recently announced that they were disbanding.

Fear not, Opihi Pickers Faithful, life goes on, especially for Okimoto who has started a new venture. His new group, Kahakea, is performing throughout Oahu and you can check out their schedule here.

In the meantime, here’s a look back on memory lane as Okimoto and the Opihi Pickers play “Victim” live at LMU’s luau.


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