Last Friday, we featured a story on the Zenkoji Temple’s boycott of the Olympic flame. After letting Olympic officials know their decision, the temple received 200 calls in two days. And while most of those callers agreed with the temple’s stance, there were a few dissenters. Apparently someone decided to take further, more destructive action on the designated national treasure.

From the Daily Yomiuri:

Six white ellipses up to 80 centimeters in diameter were found on a door and five pillars standing along the corridors running on the northern and western sides of the main building, and a 1.3-meter-long, 5-centimeter-wide line was found on another door on the building’s north side, according to the temple. All the graffiti apparently were done with spray paint. Though the front and the northeast side of the main building are illuminated at night, there is no such lighting on the northwest side.


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