The idea might sound shocking if you have never tried it, but according to this blog in Wired, the Japanese love drinking Placenta.

Yes, I am talking about a health drink made from “that” placenta.

Although it is illegal in some parts of the world, the Japan-based Nihon Sofuken has managed to take placenta and turn it into a drink and some kind of ointment.

From Wired:

According to myth, placenta has regenerative properties and is usually placed in dedicated areas. For example, if you suffer from a depigmentation ailment, you’re supposed to dab a little bit of it on the skin and the color will fill in after a few weeks. I once saw this experiment in person and the placenta-based alcohol mix on the skin was so strong that it burned the patient at first. After two weeks, the white splotch was gone.

Here’s a link to the product page, the translation doesn’t come out too clean so it would help if you can read Japanese.


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