Barbara Mori is ready to enter the Hollywood mainstream. The 30-year-old Japanese-Mexican-Uruguayan actress’ new film “Ugly Me” is set to open in Los Angeles and Orange County theaters this Friday.

Mori, whose father is Japanese-Uruguayan, traded in her lucrative modeling and soap opera careers in Mexico for a chance at Hollywood fame. “Ugly Me,” which was originally called Pretendiendo when it first released in 2006, is a Spanish-language romantic comedy (accompanied with subtitles) about a heartbroken beauty who dons a fat suit and fake buck teeth to avoid future grief. Basically, it’s Tootsie meets Shallow Hal.

No word yet on whether the film will find its way to Hawaii (it’s times like these when I miss the Varsity Theatrer), but if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area this weekend, you might want to check out Mori, who could be the next Penelope Cruz.